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Animals for Sale and some Random Thoughts

Hello All,

I trust you all are doing well during this odd time in our history. Hopefully the love you have for you family and the love for our hobby keeps a smile on your face during these times. I wanted to address something in regard to animals that I have for sale from time to time. Amimals that I post on the actual available page on the website are animals that I have hatched out myself or have purchased for my personal collection and have decided to part with. Some of you noticed that I have posted various other carpets that I do not work with normally so I wanted to clarify where they come from. As you may or may not know Vito Giannini (Mandatory Morelia) and I work together on our Gamma pairings but I also work with a private breeder who although he would like to remain anonymous has been around for a long time and is well known. He breeds for the private collector-breeder as well as zoological institutions on certain animals. He is not on social media (for very good reasons) nor does he have a website but has trusted me to keep some of his animals from babies to at times adults and put them on the market. Outside of these animals; I do NOT allow snakes outside of my collection that I am not intending on keeping myself or for the select few that I work with on breeding loans etc so I can assure you that these animals are very well taken care of and for all purpose at my house longer than standard quarantine protocols. In addition to animals that I physically have this partnership also allows me access to animals that I normally would not have access to so if there is something that you are looking for feel free to reach out. No promises but you never know. That being said here is a long list of animals that I currently have available with a few more to be made available in the next few weeks.


male Caramel Albino (Sunglow) from a Paradox Clutch - $500


female Albino Jag pos het Granite - $800 (pictured)

male Granite Jag pos het Albino - $1000 (pictured)

male Hypo Bredli from Hypo to Hypo pairing - $750 OBO (pictured)


male Het Axanthic - $300 (pictured)

male 100% Double Het Albino-Granite - $350


female Diamond Jungle Zebra Jag pos Het Granite - $700 each (pictured)

male Zebra pos Het Granite - $400 (pictured)

female Zebra 100% Het Albino - $500 SOLD


Albino Darwins (and hets), IJ Double Het Ax/Granite, Jungles etc.

Here are a few pics of some listed. Shoot me a message for serious inquiries.

Albino Jag pos Het Granite

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