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"I am Done?"

To be honest, I actually contemplated NOT writing this blog for various reasons. Part or one of the reasons is one of the reasons I have decided to eliminate some variables of the hobby which I frankly do not want to deal with anymore. So, on that note this blog will be shorter than originally anticipated.

Like some or maybe most I got into reptiles and the hobby in general based on the fascination with animals and having the ability to have them to care for and watch grow. I have been involved reptiles in some facet since I was 12 years old (50 now). I have kept a wide variety of reptiles and eventually became consistent and breeding several species. It has been extremely rewarding in a lot of ways and extremely fun.

Jungle Carpet Python - Lady Gaga

Some of you and have reached out wondering what is going on with my collection with the increasing number of boas and the seemingly decreasing of actual Morelia considering that the latter part of my years in the hobby has been concentrated on morelia. This has been an ongoing process over this entire year I have just been a bit more public about my thoughts as of recent. Several things have influenced and driven my decision to change things up. It started with establishing what my actual priorities are in regard to time spent and with who-what. A little over a year ago I had over 150 snakes which as I am sure you know demands a lot of time spent, cleaning, feeding and ensuring the overall health of the collection is in tip top condition etc etc. That being said I have a full-time job which requires me to travel quite a bit, an aggressively active family of which my kids are heavily involved in school activities and sports; literally 7 days a week. I felt it was imperative that I didn’t let my snake collection take precedent over my family obligations which truth be told I was starting to feel like it did at times. This has been the number one reason for the reduction in the number of animals I am currently keeping.

Another thing at play with my decision is my rapidly decreasing patience level to deal with people that I feel take advantage of my time and the effort that I have spent in building my collection and eventually offering up animals for sale. The consistent barrage of “I want to buy this snake; can I see more pics, more pics of the parents, can you take a lower amount, can you pay for shipping to the complete disappearing act” is draining and annoying as F*CK! So, in that regard I am done. I cannot control people and how they are but I can certainly control my involvement in the circus arena. If you are one of those people you can rest assure I will not respond to any of your messages or if I feel that you are not serious I will ignore your messages. Not trying to be a D*CK but I value my time, so should you. Some of the drama is self-inflicted of course. I decided about 3 years ago to work with a friend in selling some of his animals (MIA Jungles etc) so have offered animals for sale that I do not routinely breed myself but have access to and felt it was neat to be able to offer some of these animals to others. But when it becomes a painful chore because of the lack of respect for others time and efforts it’s time to eliminate that factor of the hobby. That goes hand in hand with what I breed myself as well. So am not getting out of Morelia but I will and have reduced the number of Morelia I keep and what I breed and what I actually offer up for sale. I would like to say that a lot of you that have purchased animals from me have been fantastic and I will continue to support and direct you to friends if I do not have what you are looking for. So, the big question is what will I have and continue to breed?

· Diamond Python

· Jungle Carpet

· Bredli

· Gamma DJJ (very limited; if I end up keeping what I have I will eventually produce the best Gamma’s I ever have in a few years)

I will have some odds and ends that I have been privileged to end up on some joint breeding projects with friends but that is about it.

I will eventually either sell out of or return back to my friend the Morelia animal inventory that I have currently so be sure to check out my MorphMarket page for what I have left. Some of you have reached out about adult animals that I may be parting with. As I decide if and when they become available I will reach out. Everything else will be listed on MorphMarket.

Why boas? Funny enough I have always been a boa guy, they were actually my first love. It may take me more time to breed some of the boas I have but I am ok with that as it is the joy of keeping them that drives my passion not the possible revenue. Like anything else that revolves around money you invite the unwanted facets of the hobby into your life when that is you main drive in keeping reptiles. Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with anyone doing it for money and certainly benefit on making extra money because of the hobby I have just chosen to not make that my focus.

Hypo Leopard Het Albino - Angeline

That is it as simple as it can be stated. I will continue to update the website over the next few weeks to reflect the changes in my collection as well so stay tuned. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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cool blog post! Feels like your open to or starting a new chapter. From what I gathered, you feel like there is better use of your time at this point in your life. Any chance you can delegate the day to day BS and continue to focus on what your passionate about? sounds like the fire still burns within the hobby but there’s only so much time in the day to deal with things your not interested in doing anymore.


Chad Borton
Chad Borton

150 animals…..sounds like 2 full time jobs in itself! I need to scoop up a Gamma DJJ from you….next time my wife is out of town! 😆



Thank you or the update Martin!! Very detailed and well written. You have produced some incredible animals and I truly feel lucky to have my animals from you. It was always a goal when I started working with carpets to get one from you. Thank you for your contributions to the Morelia species and really look forward to seeing your new projects!!

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