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Other Snakes

I guess instead of other snakes I should have labeled this section as other animals, as I do have various other creatures that I work with or just enjoying keeping with no intent on breeding like out alligator snapping turtle Tank. Please enjoy the quick write ups and pics of a few other critters that call here home.

Other Snakes: Service

Hypo Leopard Boa Project

Ever since I saw the Leopard and Hypo Leopard Boas I wanted some in my collection. My 2.2 group consist of a female Sonoran Hypo Leopard Het Albino (pictured), a female Hypo Leopard pos Jungle, a  male Hypo Motley Het Eclipse and male Pastel Albino Het Leopard. With the various morphs that can be created with this group I am super excited to see what the future holds.

Other Snakes: Service

Mexican Black Kingsnakes

I can't tell you how long I have wanted a pair of these guys. Not sure why it to me so long to pull the trigger but after being presented with this last opportunity I did not hesitate. My pair are F2 from Hermasillo Mexico local. The female is named Dorothy Dietrich because she was an extreme escape her first few weeks here.

Other Snakes: Service

Sorong Barneck Scrub Python

I could not wait to get my hands on a solid pair of these. My female was imported from collection in Sweden as a CH baby by a friend and my male was an import from here in the US. The male came in rough looking but HOLY COW after a few shed looks just as good as the female (pictured). Both of them are unreal and extremely smart and inquisitive. As the grow like most scrubs that demand a great deal of respect but are very confident and collected animals.

Other Snakes: Service

Moluccan Scrub Python

I can remember in the late early to mid 90's seeing these things at any given reptile store for 200 bucks a pop. Now you can't find one to save your life. Certainly one of the highlights of my collection as these guys just GLOW! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these guys in my collection.

Other Snakes: Service

Gila Monsters

Heloderma are awesome and are the only venomous lizards native to the United States. My pair are Suspectum Cinctum and are from a pairing of Washington Co Utah lineage and Seaward x Osborne lineage. I am hoping that I actually have a pair as I opted not to get a trio for the odds. The "male" is named Gojira and the suspected female Sushi. We have been glove training them often enough that the scurry right into our hands when we pull them out for cleaning and interaction.

Other Snakes: Service

New Caledonian Giant Gecko

My 4 year old was originally gifted an Isle E Moro female from a good friend so naturally we ended up getting a male. These guys are a joy to have in our collection. We just have the pair of Moro for now but I do foresee more of these in our future. Our female is named GG and the male is Ranger.

Other Snakes: Service

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Ah yes...then there is Tank. Purchased this guy when he was the size of a half dollar coin; now his carapace is nearly 12 inches after 3 years. We recently switched him to tilapia filets and trust me when I tell you the fish in his enclosure are surly thankful. In addition to his size he has recently developed the Snapper attitude which is what we expected so it's a welcoming chuckle.

Other Snakes: Service
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