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Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags

Gamma Line Diamond Jaguars started from a clutch that was hatched in Canada by Jeff Favelle from a Jungle Jaguar x Diamond Jungle pairing. Within that clutch two animals stood out; one of which ended up in the hands of John Battaglia of Morelia Trophy Club here in the US that he named Gamma (hence the line name) and the other later named Xenon and coined "Neon Line" stayed in Canada for a while but ultimately ended up here in the states as well. John bred Gamma to choice carpets and went on to produce outstanding DJJ's that screamed yellow and better yet held their color through adulthood. I obtained an animal ironically named Ener John B and have since been able to produce outstanding Gamma Line DJJ's. My goal was and still is to ensure that the line remains true to John's original vision and future of this line and to enhance it as much as I can to produce even more outstanding Gammas that color up and maintain that "gamma" glow throughout their entire life. I have both the Gamma side and Neon side represented in my collection. I have been lucky enough to hatch out some outstanding and "three" of a kind Gammas over the years and am excited to share what comes next.

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This partially striped male was hatched in 2016 from Ener John B x Tina (Turner Jungle) pairing.

Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags: Image


Laikin is a clutch mate to Logan and is the cornerstone female in my collection. She is a big girl (almost 7'), calm and extremely bright.

Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags: Image
Triple Threat.jpg

Triple Threat

Arguably from one of the best Gamma clutches I have hatched to date. Twenty Two eggs, 3 sets of twins and these crazy "three of a kind" striped ocelot Gammas. Pairing was a striped Gamma DJJ x AAR Zebra.

Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags: Image


This Neon Line male will fit in nicely to upcoming breeding plans as it represents the other side of the family tree.

Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags: Image

Adult Male

Adult male Gamma I hatched out. It was a small clutch of 7 eggs and he was the only Gamma.

Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags: Image
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