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As long as temperature parameters can be met Diamonds in my mind are the easiest carpets to keep hands down. They are extremely hardy despite the rumored difficulty in keeping them. The key like most things is to leave them alone. Diamonds require a winter cooling in which the NTL's drop to the low to mid 50's with 6-8 hours of DTH of 84. During the cooling period (November to March) Diamonds are not fed. During the other months it is key not to over feed diamonds despite their seemingly willingness to always eat. I feed my adult males once a month and females every 3 weeks. They are extremely arboreal so providing perches is advisable. There are several lines of diamonds and two main traits; normal and Reduced Pattern (RPD) or some would label them as Stardust. They are all gorgeous majestic animals in my mind. 

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Hurricane Annie

Annie is a GV-SDZ female that is almost completely black and white. She is a gorgeous animal growing quickly and is slated to be paired in the 2021-22 season.

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The Dutch Dragon

This girl hatched out almost completely black. Her change has been dramatic and I expect it to continue course as she gets older. She is from a GV x RBZ-SDZ pairing.

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The Matrix

This GV-SDZ RPD male is a knock out. His pattern is pixelated and is as bright as a light bulb. He is a result of a GV F1 x SDZF3 pairing and will be a corner stone of future pairings here.

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This awesome SDZ male came from a Reduced Patterned clutch (pairing) and hopefully will be the Sire of a few of his own clutches in the very near future.

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This RPD girl is a perfect example and in my mind the definition of "reduced pattern". She has almost completely white sides almost half way down her body.

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Gothenburg Diamonds

This pair was imported from Germany and represents the Gothenburg line which originally comes from wild pair of diamonds that were imported from Taronga Zoo in Australia to Philly Zoo and eventually to Gothenburg Sweden Zoo. *UPDATED* After further research it seems as though the "Gothenburg" Zoo animals are actually SDZ stock animals via Eric Skov through Norway (Jan Eric Engell). As I continue to patch in the voids in the history IU will update here. In the mean time please enjoy the updated pics of my pair.  

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