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Diamond Pythons - Jungle Carpets - Bredli

Focusing on Diamond Pythons while branching out a bit into some other exciting reptiles that I throughly enjoy keeping. Of course I will always have a finger in Gamma DJJ's.

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Gammas, Jungles and Diamonds oh my… I keep a relatively small but very well-kept collection of carpets and a few other varieties of snakes-reptiles. This is purely for my enjoyment but I do get a chance to offer babies that I have produced from my collection to others with the hope of providing the same enjoyment that I find in keeping these wonderful animals. I have been involved with reptiles in some capacity since 1984 and have kept more than my fair share of different types of reptiles. My focus currently is Jungles, Diamond Pythons and of course Gamma DJJ’s. I do have a few other odds and ends like a group of Boas (Leopards, Sharp Albinos), some locale specific Mexican Black Kingsnakes, Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas, Pure Caledonian Giant Geckos (Moro Isle E), Heloderma Suspectum and of course our cranky Alligator Snapping Turtle; Tank. I hope that you enjoy the site and find the information that I add here helpful on your quest. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks for looking.


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"Every great story seems to begin with a snake”


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